Security Consulting

As a loss prevention and risk mitigation company, Team Armor designs and develops processes for the industry by combining a blend of operational, strategic and control mechanisms.

With emphasis on growth out of stability, Robust progress and a philosophy of leveraging infrastructure, man-management skills and an adaptive core-expertise led to Team Armor transforming into a company offering security, productivity & business support solutions with over 30 years of combined experience in delivering world-class security services.

While pursuing a global vision of excellence we act local as our business is geography-sensitive. The purpose is to set industry benchmarks and be the company of reference. An emphasis on customer-satisfaction and employee-recognition & growth, while maintaining a strong financial position is the basic strategy. With best practices from across the globe, we operate under the highest standards of compliance with a clear commitment towards innovation and adaptability to the specific needs of our customers. Our differential is in our response to customer needs resulting in specific design, accurate architecture followed by seamless implementation along with our cohesiveness to the environment we operate in while maintaining transparency at all levels.